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Re: files-in-directory

In article <EeafXB200iUx4_kZIQ@andrew.cmu.edu>, sr0o+@andrew.cmu.edu
(Steven Ritter) wrote:
> I have just moved to a quadra, so I'm moving from MCL 1.3.2 to 2.0
> (beta). Some of my code uses a function called files-in-directory, which
> returns a list of files in the specified directory. I can't find
> anything similar in 2.0. Is there an equivalent? Are there lots of other


(defun b=erzeuge-String (irgendetwas)
  "Ausgabe: macht aus irgendwas einen String, nil wird zu \"\""
  ;Autor: Karsten
  (cond   ((keywordp irgendetwas)(format nil "~s" irgendetwas))
          ((null irgendetwas) "")
          ((symbolp irgendetwas) (string irgendetwas))
          ((stringp irgendetwas) irgendetwas)
          ((typep irgendetwas 'Character)(string irgendetwas))
          (t (format nil "~a" irgendetwas))))

(defun b=konkateniere-nach-String (&rest Parameter)
  "Eingabe: Beliebig viele Parameter vom beliebigen Typ
  Ausgabe: Konkatenierter String"
  ;Autor: Karsten        
  (reduce #'(lambda(a b)
             (concatenate `string a b))
          (mapcar #'(lambda(was)
                     (if (stringp was)
                       (b=erzeuge-string was)))

(defun files-in-directory (was)
  (directory (b=konkateniere-nach-string was "*")
             :files t
             :directories nil))

(defun directories-in-directory (was)
  (directory (b=konkateniere-nach-string was "*")
             :files nil
             :directories t))

> differences between 1.3.2 and 2.0? Sorry I don't have any documentation
The whole window package is different,  object lisp is replaced by clos
cltl1 is replaced by cltl2
> -- CMU has a site license. Also, does the final version of 2.0 run on
> the quadra with the cache on?
YES, fine
> Steve