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New version 1.1 of Cartier's Contribs

Lots of new goodies in version 1.1 of Cartier's Contribs

(available by anonymous ftp from cambridge.apple.com as
file Cartiers-Contribs-1.1.sea.hqx in directory pub/mcl2/contrib)

- Online help is now present for every exported symbol
  of Cartier's Contribs.

- Cartier's Contribs now include fasl files for every
  source file resulting in much faster loading.

- Much improved documentation (many thanks to the MCL
  documentation team for developing such a nice format).

- The distibution medium is now a Stuffit Lite very fast
  self-extracting archive. In addition to speed and
  autonomy, using Stuffit Lite archives also have the
  advantage that they preserve the finder icons position
  and color resulting in a much nicer Cartier's Contribs

New units:

- Popper-Menus: Using this unit you will be able to create pop-up
                menus that can appear anywhere on a mouse click,
                just as for my Who-Calls and Collections units.

- Online-Help: With this module you will be able to add help
               files just like MCL's own to your applications.
               Your help file will be totally integrated to
               MCL's help system (meaning the user can type
               one-of-your-function control-x control-d and he
               will get a nice documentation window describing
               the function).

Improvements to old units:

- Collections: I added System7's command title clicking feature to
               fred windows. Command title clicking a fred window
               will now give you a nice pop-up showing the pathname
               of the file associated to the window. Selecting a
               folder from the pop-up will bring the choose-file-dialog
               in that folder which can be very usefull, as most of
               the times related source files are located closely
               to each other within the folder hierarchy.

               The collections unit now uses MCL's list-definitions
               function to collect toplevel definitions so that a pop-up
               showing all toplevels definitions can now be shown for
               any lisp file.

- Extended-Apropos: Added a small feature that if activated, makes
                    the extended apropos automatically do a search
                    each time one of its pop-up is used.

Happy MCLing.