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	I am having some problems trying to switch from a window I have
generated back to the Listener.  The function being called (action-press)
 runs fine when called from the listener direct however when called by
clicking the "Action" button the function Action-press runs up to the
read-line command, then freezes the screen until Apple period is used to
interupt the function.
	I am using MCL 2.0 on a IIcx.  I feel that the problem may be to do
with the input/output streams being wrong, but have been unable to prove that
this is so, or find a solution.

(defun window ()
  (setq window (MAKE-INSTANCE 'DIALOG
                                :WINDOW-TYPE :DOCUMENT-WITH-ZOOM 
                                :window-title "window"
                                (LIST (make-dialog-item 'button-dialog-item
                                                        #@(14 5)
                                                       #@(60 15)
                                                         #'(lambda ( frame)

(defun action-press ()
  (window-select (find-window "Listener"))
  (pprint "Started")
	(read-line )
	(pprint "Finished"))

Many thanks for any help or advice you can give me

Tom Usherwood