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In my application, I turned the outline of an editable-text-dialog-item on and off according  
to some event.

In the beta version, (setf (slot-value x 'ccl::draw-outline) nil) worked well.  

(x is an instance of the editable-text-dialog-item).  

But this is not working in MCL2.0.  I also tried 

(setf (slot-value x 'ccl::draw-outline) nil) 

(view-focus-and-draw-contents x)

and though x would redraw itself.  This does not work either.

The opposite operation, i.e., to turn the outline on,  works fine by the following:

(setf (slot-value x 'ccl::draw-outline) t) 

(view-focus-and-draw-contents x).

Any suggestion?  Thanks