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[dlw@odi.com: Job opportunity]

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Date: Wed, 9 Sep 92 14:09:30 EDT
From: dlw@odi.com

I just got a call from Gene Petinelli.  (He was one of the members of
the board of directors of Symbolics for many years, one of the
original venture capitaliara.)  He is now involved in a company in
Cambridge called RSTAR, which stands for Radiology Storage and
Retrieval.  They deal with radiology image data (X-rays, CAT scans,
etc.), storing it and moving it.  I believe he said that it was still
a small company, and that it's associated with Mass General Hospital.
Their software is written in Lisp, and they are looking to hire a good
Lisp programmer.  They're located in 1 Cambridge Center.  If you
are interested, call Shean Doyle (that's pronounced "shawn") at
(617) 726-8381.  Feel free to pass this on to anyone who might
be interested.

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