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Re: menu questions

Kaveh Kardan (kaveh%taarna.UUCP@Larry.McRCIM.McGill.EDU) asks:
  1) How does one make a tear-off menu in MCL?
  2) How does one put icons in menu-items (like the apple menu does)?

Since tear-off menus occupy screen real-estate, you might consider using
popup menus which appear only when the mouse is pressed down for a certain
length of time in a relatively stable position. Guillame Cartier has
pop-up pull down menus that are available by ftp from cambridge.apple.com
in his archived contribution file: 

My marking-menu package which implements pop-up multi-level radial
(direction sensitive) menus is also available from the same site in

The apple menu does not contain icons, it contains special characters,
namely the apple character which is option-shift-k in the Chicago font.
The menu-enhancement package contains methods for creating "check-mark"
characters for menu items.