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SourceServer under MPW 3.2?

Has anyone gotten the SourceServer code (from the MCL CD) working using
MPW 3.2 without ToolServer? I really miss an RCS-type utility for revision
control and source file management.



--- mild flame at Apple follows....
I realize that we could always buy ETO from APDA, but when I enquired
yesterday I was informed that it would cost us $1225 for an upgrade to our
present software and for the purchase of ETO. The entire new ETO package
(non-upgrade path) costs $1295! Please note we have the full MPW package
and the we just upgraded in April 1992 when we were told that this was the
latest possible revision. To me this seems like a counterproductive
marketing strategy by Apple as well as being very annoying. (The APDA
representative stated that I was far from alone in my opimion of Apple's
policy in this.)
--- end of complaint.

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