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MacTCP & MCL2.0 ?

anyone out there who has gotten TCP to work smoothly in MCL 2.0??

MacTCP itself appears to work fine on my machine -- I can use NCSA Telnet & FTP.

I compiled MacTCP in MCL (first, commenting out the (dbg length)).
I could do: (open-tcp-stream "" "telnet") & that returned a
connection, but it was a bit unclear what to do next.
I tried (ccl::telnet-write-line ...) and (ccl::telnet-read-line)

I then tried loading parse-stream, telnet-stream and telnet from the MCL CD.

(telnet) would put up a window.  on two occasions it 'hung' for a really long time
before timing out on the connection.  on 1 occasion, it did give me a prompt
from the remote system (a Sun) but timed out before accepting any typing, which
makes me believe that at least the network works from MCL.

I also tried (make-instance 'telnet-stream :host "" :port "Telnet")
and then tried regular read-line & write-line; this kind of worked -- I
could send unix commands but with some delayed results (probably needed to
do force-output after every write-line).  also some garbage chars (I probably
should have used telnet-nolf).  looked promising.  however, when I executed
(close ..) it hung.

at this point, I don't know what kind of performance to expect, don't know if
I'm using the code in the way in which it was intended, don't know which of these
three 'levels' I should be using (what are the tradeoffs), and which stream
commands to use. it might be useful to have some commented out code examples.

here's basically what I want to be able to do.  I'm writing some shell files
from MCL; I'd like to be able to write these directly to a telnet stream/
window and execute them on a remote unix system.  some of these commands may in
turn invoke ftp to do file transfers (it's ok to have NCSA telnet running as
the Mac ftp server).  if this is viable, which stream commands should I be using
to write/read stuff from the telnet connection?


Steve Weyer
(609) 730-3056
(I'm now doing applications work at Janssen Research Foundation,
a pharmaceutical company, part of Johnson&Johnson)