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email and ftp

Since I am relatively new to this whole business
with email on the  internet, I am interested in a
list of places, where I can get information about
Apple related products (MCL, MPW, etc.) or which
have an anonymous ftp server running.

I would really appreciate both the internet
symbolic address and the internet numeric address,
since our ftp-server is rather limited.

By the way, does anybody out there know something
about a (complete) implementation of Forth for the
Macintosh according to the Forth-83 standard,
preferably including the possibility for creating
small (i.e. less than whatever it is in MCL 2.0)
standalone programs?
Information about both commercial and share-, free-,
beer-, smileware products would be appreciated.

        Thanks in advance,

                       Stefan Schmiedl

   "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit."