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New cursor

Hi, MCL experts:

How to make a new cursor that has the same properties as the cursor
*arrow-cursor*?  I used the following way to create it, set it to
some shape and move it on the different background:

(a). (setf *my-cursor* (make-record :cursor))

(b). (dotimes (i 17)
             (%put-word *my-cursor* 0 (* i 2)))
     (%put-word *my-cursor* 0 64)
     (%put-word *my-cursor* 0 66)

(c). (defmethod window-update-cursor ((toy my-window) point) 
               (set-cursor *my-cursor*))

However, I got some interesting situations on the different background.
While the new cursor is on the white background, I can't see the shape
of the cursor; while it is on the black and gray background, I can see
some garbage points in the 16x16 square (suppose I should see a white
square without any other points).  I am wondering whether I have missed
something or there are other ways to create a new cursor.  Thanks.