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Re: .init.cl loading? Flavors?

>I am using "init.cl", the same that comes with the distribution
>with a few idiosyncratic touches.

I am unaware of any file named "init.cl" that is distributed with
MCL 2.0. Is it in one of the folders of user contributed code on
the CD? Daniel Ranson was right about the name needing to be
"init.lisp" or "init.fasl". One thing he didn't mention is
that the default for the :INIT-FILE argument to SAVE-APPLICATION is
NIL, e.g. no init file. Hence, if you want your saved application to
look for an init file, you should specify "INIT" as the value of
the :INIT-FILE parameter.

>I know MCL has CLOS.  The problem is that *I* have Flavors code!
>I am doing a conversion but would very much like to get my
>old code running.
>        Rik

APDA used to sell a Flavors package that worked with 1.3.2. I believe
Franz was the original source of that package. I don't believe APDA sells
it any more as it doesn't work (as is) with MCL 2.0. Harvey Alcabes (alcabes@applelink.apple.com) may be able to find you a copy or
you may be able to get one from Franz.