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email and ftp

>Date: Fri, 11 Sep 92 14:02:50 GMT
>From: Stefan Schmiedl <schmied@pentheus.mi.uni-erlangen.de>
>To: info-mcl@brazil.cambridge.apple.com
>Subject: email and ftp
>Since I am relatively new to this whole business
>with email on the  internet, I am interested in a
>list of places, where I can get information about
>Apple related products (MCL, MPW, etc.) or which
>have an anonymous ftp server running.
>I would really appreciate both the internet
>symbolic address and the internet numeric address,
>since our ftp-server is rather limited.

Apple maintains ftp servers at:
 ftp.apple.com       []    ; General Apple ftp site
 cambridge.apple.com []   ; Macintosh Common Lisp

Other ftp sites filled with Macintosh software include
 sumex-aim.stanford.edu []
 rascal.ics.utexas.edu  []
 mac.archive.umich.edu  []

>By the way, does anybody out there know something
>about a (complete) implementation of Forth for the
>Macintosh according to the Forth-83 standard,
>preferably including the possibility for creating
>small (i.e. less than whatever it is in MCL 2.0)
>standalone programs?
>Information about both commercial and share-, free-,
>beer-, smileware products would be appreciated.

Several implementations of Scheme are included with the MCL 2.0
cd-rom, including the freeware SIOD (uses just 50Kbytes)
the shareware Gambit, and a demo of the commercial MacScheme.
Read the file lisp-faq.hqx available by ftp from
for descriptions and ftp instructions on getting these and
other fine lisp-related languages.

For non-lisp (but Macintosh-related questions), send mail
to info-mac@sumex-aim.stanford.edu. You can subscribe to the
info-mac digest with a message to info-mac-request@sumex-aim.stanford.edu

Consult your system administrator on how to use netnews
to read newsgroups such as comp.sys.mac or comp.lang.forth.