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Multiple events

Hi, MCL Experts:

Here are some funny things about other events when a WHILE function
is called inside a method and in Listener.  Their code is:

(defclass my-window (window) ()) 

(setf foo (make-instance 'my-window))

(defmethod view-key-event-handler ((foo my-window) char)
           (print char))

(setf *true* t)

(while *true*

(defmethod view-click-event-handler ((foo my-window) position)
           (declare (ignore position))
           (while *true*

When the function WHILE is called in Listener, the method 
view-key-event-handler works, that is, I can see characters
on Listener.  However, when WHILE is called inside the method
view-click-event-handler, the method does not work.  I want 
other events to be able to work when a loop function is called
inside a method.  I am wondering whether I have missed something
and there are other ways to do the function.  

Thanks for your help.