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new Dylan mailing lists

Here are some new mailing lists pertaining to Dylan.
Please remember to send subscription requests to the "-request"
addresses, to avoid flooding the main list with messages.

We hope to have a comp.lang.dylan newsgroup which is linked
to the info-dylan list.

More information about Dylan is available by anonymous ftp
from cambridge.apple.com in the /pub/dylan directory.

<excerpted from the introductory message sent to info-dylan>
From: alms@cambridge.apple.com
To: info-dylan
Subject: New Dylan mailing lists

I'm very happy to announce the formation of three new mailing lists
for discussions specific to the Dylan programming language.

The three lists we've created are:

 info-dylan-request@cambridge.apple.com (administration)

   This is a two-way mailing list for any and all discussions of Dylan,
   including language design issues, implementation issues, marketting
   issues, syntax issues, etc.

 announce-dylan-request@cambridge.apple.com (administration)

   This is a mailing for major announcements about Dylan, such as the
   availability of new implementations, new versions of the manual, etc.
   This mailing list should be _much_ lower volume than info-dylan.
   Everything sent to this list is also sent to info-dylan.

 dylan-builders-request@cambridge.apple.com (administration)

   This is a two-way mailing list for people who are working on Dylan
   implementations.  If you'd like to be added to this list, please send
   a note describing your implementation plans to dylan-builders-request.

We appreciate the support of all the OODL-SIGers for Dylan.  Members of
the Dylan team at Apple will be participating in these mailing lists.
We look forward to hearing your thoughts on Dylan, and sharing our ideas
with you.

   -Andrew Shalit

Andrew Shalit (alms@cambridge.apple.com)
Apple Computer
1 Main Street, 7th floor
Cambridge, MA 02142