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window-zoom-event-handler (C-X 1)

Dear info-mcl:

I tried to make "C-X 1" zoom the window to full screen similar to
the EMACS command of the same keystroke.  Based on the examples,
I tried this:

(defmethod ed-zoom-window ((w fred-mixin))
  (window-zoom-event-handler w 8))

(comtab-set-key *control-x-comtab* '(#\1) 'ed-zoom-window)

That works a little, but it doesn't update the window properly.
To see this you could try loading the forms above and then
trying "C-X 1" on a newly opened "Fred Commands" window.  I tried
"inval"-ing certain things at certain times, but nothing worked.

Could someone please clue me in on how to make "C-X 1" work.  I thought
"C-X 0" might be a good name for a command to Zoom a window down to
its small size --> (window-zoom-event-handler 7).



Stephen C. Gilardi
SQ Software