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Re: window-zoom-event-handler (C-X 1)

>Dear info-mcl:
>I tried to make "C-X 1" zoom the window to full screen similar to
>the EMACS command of the same keystroke.  Based on the examples,
>I tried this:
>(defmethod ed-zoom-window ((w fred-mixin))
>  (window-zoom-event-handler w 8))
>(comtab-set-key *control-x-comtab* '(#\1) 'ed-zoom-window)
>That works a little, but it doesn't update the window properly.
>To see this you could try loading the forms above and then
>trying "C-X 1" on a newly opened "Fred Commands" window.  I tried
>"inval"-ing certain things at certain times, but nothing worked.
>Could someone please clue me in on how to make "C-X 1" work.  I thought
>"C-X 0" might be a good name for a command to Zoom a window down to
>its small size --> (window-zoom-event-handler 7).

Your example works fine for me in 2.0 final, but fails in the way
you outline in 2.0b1. The reason was not immediately apparent to me,
but it seems to be a timing problem of some sort. If I
(trace window-size-parts), which causes a delay to print stuff in
the Listener between the time the window is zoomed and when it is
redisplayed, then it works fine.

Are you indeed using 2.0b1?