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Is it possible, that the behaviour of record source file has changed
between mcl 2.0b1p3 and mclfinal?

Our problem is., that we want something like source;filename als the source
file of the definitions,
where source is a directory specified by def-logical-directory
In good old times before final
this worked fine with
(compile-file (full-pathname "source;filename"))

and then (load source;filename).

This fails now and we get (full-pathname "source;filename") as the source
file of our definitions.

Is it possible that the filename of the first argument of compile file is
recorded as the source file and
not the argument of load?

We have not been able to answer this question ourself, because
record-source-file seems to have some automatic deduction features. For
example consider:

(def-logical-directory "uebersetzen" "karstens platte:+ schewe:")
(compile-file "karstens platte:+ schewe:test24" :print t)
(load  "karstens platte:+ schewe:test24" :print t)
(print (get-source-files 'EIN_TEST24))

==> ("uebersetzen;test24.lisp")
which is quite surprising, since we neither specified uebersetzen in
compile-file nor in load


Has anybody some detailed release notes for mcl2.0 final?
The changes decribed in the manual are only a small subset of the changes
from mcl 2.0b1p3 or even mcl 1.3.2. It is not very amusing to port code
from one version to the other just by trial and error since 1.2.2
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