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Re: Can anyone unBinHex optimization-techniques.sit.hqx?

>I have tried three times to ftp this from cambridge and have had no
>luck in unBinHexing. When I run BinHex on the file (the commercial
>version, not the MCL supplied version) I get the following error
>message (just in case you're interested....)
>   CRC ($5104) error.
>Thanks for any help. If the author of this document would like to send
>a copy of it to me directly that is A-OK also.

I get the same error with binhex4. Stuffit Classic unstuffs it fine,
however. Since you will need Stuffit to turn the .sit file into a
Microsoft Word file, anyway, I suggest that you debinhex with Stuffit.

Strangely, if I rebinhexed the .SIT file with binhex4, binhex4 was still
unable to unbinhex it, though Stuffit had no problem.