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HI! The following code sements are not identical, though according
to GSteel's Lisp book (2nd ed) they should be:

(sort lis 'test1)
(sort lis 'test2)
(some-function lis)
(setq lis (sort lis 'test1))
(setq lis (sort lis 'test2))
(some-function lis)

I belive the top version leads to error: some parts of lis are left out.

Also, the following code segments are not identical:
(print '(lambda (x) (car x)) lis)
(print 'car lis)
The lisp interpreter/compiler does not like the first one. I think if I put
#' intead of ' it will accept it, but it should not be so. I thought the
# symbol in this case was to allow for functions/values declared outside of the
lambda body and used withing the lambda body.