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Software similar to Prolog

>Date: Sat, 19 Sep 92 15:53:49 -0400
>To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
>Subject: Software similar to Prolog
>Cc: apda@applelink.apple.com, henryh@aic.gmu.edu
>I have some code in Prolog, and want to run them in MCL2.
>As you know, MCL2 can't call the Prolog code by using FF
>facilities.  I am wondering whether there is some software
>that looks reasonably similar to Prolog, including prover
>and unification, and will run in MCL2.  
>Thanks for your help.

The following is excerpted from the Lisp Frequently-Asked Questions document
(FAQ), available by anonymous ftp from ftp.think.com:/public/think/lisp/faq.text,
among other places. It is also posted monthly to the comp.lang.lisp newsgroup,
and is constantly updated with fresh information.


[4-1] Where can I get an implementation of Prolog in Lisp?

Implementations of Prolog in Lisp:

   The Frolic package from the University of Utah is written in Common Lisp
   and available by anonymous ftp from cs.utah.edu:pub/frolic.tar.Z

   Prolog in Scheme is a Prolog interpreter available from the
   University of Calgary. It is written in Scheme and has support for
   delayed goals and interval arithmetic. It is known to run in Chez
   Scheme and in Elk, and is intended to be portable to other Scheme
  implementations. It relies on continuations, and so is not easily
   ported to Common Lisp. Available by anonymous ftp from
   Questions and comments may be addressed to Alan Dewar
   <dewar@cpsc.ucalgary.ca> or John Cleary <cleary@cpsc.ucalgary.ca>.

   An implementation of prolog for Chez Scheme is available by anonymous
   ftp from titan.rice.edu:public/slog.sh. It is a collection of macros
   that expand syntax for clauses, elations, and so on into pure Scheme.
   It should be easily portable to other Schemes.  Its use of
   higher-order continuations is probably a major obstacle to porting it
   to Common Lisp.  For more information, please contact the author:

   LM-PROLOG by Ken Kahn and Mats Carlsson is written in ZetaLisp and not
   easily portable to Common Lisp. It is available by anonymous ftp from

   Peter Norvig's book "Paradigms of AI Programming" includes Common Lisp
   implementations of a prolog interpreter and compiler. The software is
   available by anonymous ftp from unix.sri.com:pub/norvig and on disk in
   Macintosh or DOS format from the publisher, Morgan Kaufmann.  For more
   information, contact: Morgan Kaufmann, Dept. P1, 2929 Campus Drive, Suite
   260, San Mateo CA 94403, (800) 745-7323; FAX: (415) 578-0672
[note: Norvig's code is also on the MCL 2.0 CD-ROM]

   Harlequin's LispWorks comes with Common Prolog -- a fast
   Edinburgh-compatible Prolog integrated with Common Lisp.  Write to:
   Harlequin Limited, Barrington Hall, Barrington, Cambridge, CB2 5RG, call
   0223 872522 (or 44223 872522 outside UK), telex 818440 harlqn g, fax 0223
   872519, or send email to ai@uk.co.harlqn (or ai@harlqn.co.uk for US people).