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Bug in setting sequence-dialog-items, or is it just me?

Hello fellow MCLer's. Has anyone noticed the following:

  1. Select the first cell of a sequence-dialog-item.
  2. Change the table-sequence (giving the dialog-item a new first cell).
  3. Take a look at the dialog-item. The highlight is drawn funky.

Calling redraw-cell or invalidate-view does not fix the problem.
Covering and uncovering the dialog-item with another window does, but 
seems rather drastic.

Has anyone:
  1. Noticed this behavior?
  2. Got a fix?

In a related note, on my (icky) SmallTalk/V for Windows product I can
select cells in a sequence-dialog-item (actually, an instance of the
ListBox class) by using the arrow keys. I could do this easily in MCL 
if I could set-current-key-handler to a sequence-dialog-item. Any ideas 
on how to do this?  (This would also allow me to select a "blank" cell
and type the entry to this cell directly, or allow the user to directly
enter entries into the sequence-dialog-item. Sounds pretty cool...)

Also, let me take a moment to publicly state how much more responsive
the MCL people are at Apple compared to *any* other product I have
ever worked with, including (especially) Digitalk. Where Digitalk is
rude and unresponsive Apple is gracious (answering multiple versions
of the same question multiple times without complaint) and exceedingly
helpful (often supplying code necessary to solve a problem). I wish
I could do all my work in MCL, but alas, I can't.  Also, to my fellow
MCLers, if you are considering purchasing *ANY* product from Digitalk,
please don't. You will only generate a massive amount of grief for
yourself. I did, and I don't have enough money to rescind my decision.

Moreover, Digitalk charges an exhorbitant amount of money for a 
worthless service they call Direct Connect, which provides much less
information than the info-mcl mailing list. Apple, please continue 
your policy of *not* charging for this valuable service - it is
yet another aspect that sets your product apart as a superior
development environment.

So, pooh on Digitalk, and yeah on Apple. I'm done!

  - Luke