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detaching print records

What is the proper procedure for dealing with detached resources?

I have an application which lets users work on several files simultaneously.
Each file has a resource fork containing the print record for that file.
My strategy for handling various events is:

When a user opens a file, I use get-resource to get a handle to the print
record, then detach it and close the file. Now the print record can be used
to print the file, even if page-setup has not been done.

When the user does page-setup, I do get-resource again, this time leaving the
handle live (undetached). The user modifies it however she likes, after which
I detach the handle and close the file.

When the user prints, I just use the information in the detached print record.

In general, I try to keep the print record detached and the resource file
closed. The only exception is during page setup, when the print record is
being modified.

Is this a good strategy? Is there any sample code (not necessarily in Lisp)
that shows how to do this correctly?