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problems with 2.0 final

Periodically when MCL 2.0 is running (even when it is a background
application and not doing any user-initiated processing) the Macsbug
screen appears with the message "User break at 012093AC 01234567 +
274C".  I type "g" (the Macsbug GO command) and everything proceeds
normally.  This typically happens something like 5 times an hour.  It
seems to be related to some background memory task that MCL is doing
because the frequency seems to increase as more processing is done
within MCL.

I am also experiencing problems with MCL locking up the entire machine
when it is launched.  Everything seems to work OK as long as MCL is
launched in a particular order.  If I launch MCL and then Symantec's
MORE 3.1 all is well.  If I launch MORE 3.1 first and then MCL the
machine locks up and must be rebooted.  A few times before the machine
freezes I got the following Macsbug error message: "Address Error at
00A68F76 ABCDEFGH + 017C".  It seems that if I re-copy MCL from the
CD, I can launch MORE 3.1 first and then MCL without problems.
Subsequently when I do this (after the machine has been rebooted) the
machine freezes.

I experience these problems with extensions disabled (except those
needed to use the accelerator).  I did not experience any problems
using 2.0b3 with this configuration.

Mac II with Radius Rocket 25 accelerator (68040).
20Mb of memory with MODE 32
System 7.0 with 1.1.1 Tune-up
8Mb MCL memory partition
EGC is not active

John DeSoi