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Re: pretty-print and macroexpansion

>Hi MCLers,
>I'm using MCL2.0b1p3 (I have MCL2.0 final, but CLIM doesn't work with
>it yet) and have a question concerning pretty-printing and
>When I use ctrl-m in a buffer, the macroexpansion is printed in the
>Listener. But it isn't *pretty-printed* even if *print-pretty* is T. I
>have to manually do a (pprint '<cut-paste-the-print-out>). So how can
>I make the macroexpanding buffer commands pretty-print its result?
>When I think of it, it is more reasonable to pretty-print the
>macroexpansion even if *print-pretty* is NIL, instead of not doing it
>when it it T.

In 2.0 final, macroexpansions appear to be pretty-printed.