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Re: pretty-print and macroexpansion

In article <9210031502.AA03086@cambridge.apple.com> cassels@cambridge.apple.com (Robert A. Cassels) writes:

   In 2.0 final, macroexpansions appear to be pretty-printed.

I inspected the ed-function bound to c-x c-m and found that it
actually did pretty-print, i.e. use pprint to output the expansion. I
then tried using common-lisp:pprint manually and got the same output,
i.e. *not* pretty-printed at all. I thought is could be because I had
installed xp, perhaps it messed things up, but it didn't work then
either. Now, I'll just wait for CLIM release for MCL 2.0 final, so I
can use final for development.
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