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Re: help balloons for objects

> I have a window that contains several objects. The objects are all drawn by the
> window's view-draw-contents function; they are *not* subviews. I would like
> to have a separate help balloon for each object, which appears when the mouse
> is over that object (similar to how it works for subviews). How can I trick
> the code in help-manager.lisp into thinking that each object is a subview?
> Incidentally, the reason why the objects are not implemented as subviews is
> that they have irregular borders.

One very elegant solution to your problem is to actually use views!
For views with irregular borders, MCL has the VIEW-CONTAINS-POINT-P
method. With that approach you can get all the benefits of using MCL's
view system and still have irregular views.

I use this method successfuly to implement finder like icons that
react this clicks only when clicked inside the icon or the icon's name.

Guillaume Cartier
LACIM, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.