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Re: cut-and-paste in modal dialogs

>How can I get standard editing functions (cut, copy, and paste) to work in a
>modal dialog? The function modal-dialog seems to disable all the menus and
>prevent me from editing my editable-text-dialog-items using command keys.

Actually, the new System 7 menu-disabling with modal windows should
enable the Edit menu by default. I was actually looking into this problem
today (DTS question). The System 7 way is to check for the WindowRecord 
spareFlag field, if it's enabled, then the patches to the ProcessManager
(and a couple of other places) will dim the Apple SICN and the rightmost
switch SICN, but leave the Edit menu and menu entries enabled.

Now, depending on the framework, such as MacApp or MCL, this behavior
is eventually re-defined. For instance the framework handles the 
spareFlag field itself for signalling a modal mode with a plain window
instead of letting for instance the Dialog Manager enable/disable
this field.

Kent Sandvik (UUCP: ....!apple!ksand; INTERNET: ksand@apple.com)
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