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Re: making patterns the hard way

>wilcox@cmns.think.com writes:
>  I tried to make a pattern using make-record, but it didn't work.

MACL 2.0 final defines the pattern :record as a handle.
It used to (and I believe should be) defined as a pointer.
This will work...

    (defvar *grid-x-pattern* (make-record (:pattern :storage :pointer)
                                      (:array 0) 255
                                      (:array 1) 0
                                      (:array 2) 0
                                      (:array 3) 0
                                      (:array 4) 255
                                      (:array 5) 0
                                      (:array 6) 0
                                      (:array 7) 0

>From: "Mark A. Tapia" <markt@dgp.toronto.edu>
>To: wilcox@cmns.think.com
>Here is code that may do you want:

Won't work under 2.0 final definition of :pattern

-Ray Pelletier