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Re: How do I determine the length of resource forks from MCL?

>I'm trying to find a means of determining the resource fork size of
>files in the Mac filesystem.  I've spent some time looking through
>Inside Mac VI, and can't find out where the info is stored.  I expect
>that it is somehow accessible through a trap or function call but FInfo,
>DXInfo, et al, fall short.
>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I'm on a very tight
>deadline.  Please respond to me, as I'm not currently on the INFO-MCL
>mailing list.

The following will work in 2.0 final, but I don't think it
works in 2.0b1:

(with-open-file (s "bills-init.lisp" :fork :resource)
   (file-length s))