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Re: Pattern records

>X400-Received: by /PRMD=inria/ADMD=atlas/C=FR/;	Relayed; 09 Oct 92 08:05:10+0100
>X400-Received: by /PRMD=CNET/ADMD=ATLAS/C=FR/;	Relayed; 09 Oct 92 08:05:00 GMT
>Date: 09 Oct 92 08:05:00 GMT
>From: Ranson <ranson@LANNION.cnet.fr>
>To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com, markt@dgp.toronto.edu
>Subject: Re:  Pattern records
>The records.lisp file is there only to help porting from MACL1.x. Unless you are
>doing just that, don't use it. MCL2.0 automatically loads record definitions
>from interface files when necessary.
>     Daniel.

Daniel is correct. "records.lisp" is considered obsolete and is no longer
being supported.