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Speed of Lisp

I recently looked at the documentation of Apple's Shared Library Manager
(SLM) which shipped with ETO 8.  SLM is a Dynamic Linked Library tool
for runtime linking.  It's supposed to be very fast,  so that the 
the library functions and data might be useful for supporting the
MCL core Common Lisp Code.

I was thinking that the MCL application image might be divided into
three 600K library files sitting in the System Folder,  and a single
200K application file in the MCL folder.

Since SLM allows routines to be loaded on demand, this might make
double-clicking the MCL application much faster by delaying the load
of parts of Common Lisp.

Multiple MCL applications would take up very little room on disk,
and they would fit on floppy disks.

Is anybody thinking about doing this?