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Re: Accelerator boards and MCL 2.0 ?

In article <Bvq6vG.9op@world.std.com> squeegee@world.std.com (Stephen C. Gilardi) writes:
>dganglin@jeeves.uwaterloo.ca (Greg Anglin) writes:
>>Hi ...
>>I am considering purchasing an accelerator board for a IIci.
>>Most of my work is done in MCL 2.0; so, I would like to feel confident that
>>MCL and the accelerator are compatible.  Has anyone had any experience
>>with MCL and, say, the Radius Rockets or Daystar Powercaches?
>>Greg Anglin
>>Statistical Computing Laboratory
>>University of Waterloo
>MCL 2.0 (& 2.0p1) runs nicely on my Rocket.  I can even turn the cache on
>in 68040 mode for full speed.
>Stephen C. Gilardi
>SQ Software

I've had a Rocket 25i for some time, and I just got MCL2.0 yesterday.
It does NOT seem to work with my Rocket, I get the following result
whenever I do anything...

;[Stacks reset due to overflow]

HELP!!  Steve, do you have any hints?  I'm desperate here.  

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