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Radius Rocket 25i and MCL 2.0 - HELP!!

I have owned a Radius Rocket 25i since April, and had been assured that it
worked just fine with MCL2.0 by both APDA and Radius.  I (finally)
received MCL2.0 on Friday, and am quite distraught.

First, the "ptable" extension won't load (since I don't run VM, I need 
it).  Second, doing almost anything in Lisp generates a long wait and then
the message

;[Stacks reset due to overflow]

This includes simple things like clicking on the close box in the
Inspector window, or simply typing in "(red)" to the Listener without
having defined a function "red".

These problems don't appear without the Rocket, but I have a limited amount
of RAM on my motherboard and a IIx simply isn't fast enough for AI programming.
Running on the Rocket is therefore critical.          

I'm at wits end here, and have tried everything I can think of (such as
turing off MacsBug, turning off all INITs, switching off the 040 caches,
and so forth).  Does anyone know where this error comes from and how to
fix it?  Help would be MUCH appreciated.

Mike "Sunburn" Byrne                          |  "Only the mediocre are 
byrne@cc.gatech.edu                           |   always at their best."
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