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How to get the window hilite color?

I'm trying to get the hilite color of a window. One would think
this should be a pretty trivial task but I'm goin insane..

One (of many) ideas I had was to use the GetAuxWin trap:

I create a color window

(setq w (make-instance 'window :color-p t))

.. no problem, and then I call the trap

 (%stack-block ((ColorH-VAR 4))
    (#_getauxwin (wptr w) ColorH-VAR)
    (rref (%get-ptr ColorH-VAR) :auxwinrec.awctable))))

=> (NIL #<A Mac Handle to resource 'wctb'(0) : Unlocked, Size 112 #xBBA4>)

The nil indicates that the window has no auxiliary record. The
handle returned, therefore, points to the default record.
However, if I use the inspector I can find my way though the hilite
color which is different from the one returned by _getauxwin.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to get the value returned by the inspector
via rref:

  (rref (wptr w) :cwindowrecord.port)

> Error: Illegal attempt to get a pointer to a :RGBCOLOR within a handle

So, how can I access the hilite color of a window? Any ideas?

  puzzled,  Alex Repenning