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Finder *is* a resource file, right?

OK, so I'm coding a hierarchy editor that looks like Finder's twist-down
thang with the triangles.

So, I want to get those triangles from Finder.

Alas, attemting to _OpenResFile on Finder returns -1.  A subsequent call to
_ResError returns 0, which is particularly unhelpful.

Now I *could* copy them into a Resource File that has to be carted along
with my code, but I'd much rather just get them from Finder.

'Course, since Finder *has* to already be open, I'd be happy if someone
could point me to either the handles for resources:
ics#, ics4, and ics8; 3060 and 3061,
or a handle that contains an IconSuite containing said icons.

Any suggestions?

BTW, this code *will* be uploaded RSN.  It is *much* improved over my
one-day hack...

PS:  What's the best way to get a doc-string attached to a trap and trap
constant, anyway?
"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu