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Re: icl8 resources

>Does anyone know how to create color icons
>out of icl8 resources?

See the Tech Note named "Drawing Icons the System 7 Way" (formerly easy to
find as Tech Note #306).  Be sure you have the current version (latest I
know about is a revision dated May, 1992.

The simple way is PlotIconID, which you give a resource ID, a rectangle, an
alignment "magic number", and a transformation "magic number" (not in that

The toolbox decides which sort of icon best draws in the current grafport,
and draws that one in the size appropriate to the rectangle (12x12, 16x16,
or 32x32...other sizes scaled).  The transformations include mixing in any
of the Finder label colors, and producing any of the Finder visual effects
for selected, offline, open, or disabled (or selected AND any of the last
3) icons.

Same code works for all bit depths, but wants a complete icon family for
best results (the black and white mask form must be present in each size
you want to use).

There are some even niftier calls in the Tech Note, too.  I don't know
whether this stuff has been uploaded in MCL-ready form somewhere, or not,
but you'll need the tech note in any case.

John W. Baxter   jwbaxter@halcyon.com   [BAXTER.JOHN on AppleLink, from
AppleLink only.]