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Re: icl8 resources

>>Does anyone know how to create color icons
>>out of icl8 resources?
>See the Tech Note named "Drawing Icons the System 7 Way" (formerly easy to
>find as Tech Note #306).  Be sure you have the current version (latest I
>know about is a revision dated May, 1992.
>The simple way is PlotIconID, which you give a resource ID, a rectangle, an
>alignment "magic number", and a transformation "magic number" (not in that
>The toolbox decides which sort of icon best draws in the current grafport,
>and draws that one in the size appropriate to the rectangle (12x12, 16x16,
>or 32x32...other sizes scaled).  The transformations include mixing in any
>of the Finder label colors, and producing any of the Finder visual effects
>for selected, offline, open, or disabled (or selected AND any of the last
>3) icons.
>Same code works for all bit depths, but wants a complete icon family for
>best results (the black and white mask form must be present in each size
>you want to use).
>There are some even niftier calls in the Tech Note, too.  I don't know
>whether this stuff has been uploaded in MCL-ready form somewhere, or not,
>but you'll need the tech note in any case.
>    --John

I had already converted this TechNote to LISP and sent it to him.
It will be uploaded RSN.
"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu