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modal dialogs

We are having a problem with modal dialogs as follows:  

  Our application is set up so that voice input causes an appleevent 
  to be passed into MCL and the corresponding event handler causes 
  the dialog-item-action of some dialog item onscreen to be funcalled.  

  When that dialog-item-action contains the return-from-modal-dialog,
  the throw seems to take place, in that the argument to return-from-
  modal-dialog is evaluated, that no error results, and that nothing 
  thereafter in the dialog-item-action is evaluated;  however, control
  does not return to the point of the call to modal-dialog, the 
  dialog does not close, etc.

  When the same dialog-item-action is activated in the usual manner
  by mouse clicking, the return-from-modal-dialog works correctly.

Any information, explanations or suggestions gratefully appreciated.

-Alma Whitten