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trace problem with binhex

I'm a new user of MCL and I'm trying to figure it out. I created the 
standalone binhex example app and tried it out. It failed to decode a text 
file I encoded with it... (I created it on a Powerbook 170) So, I thought this
would be a good opportunity to learn about the debugging tools. After much 
digging (inspecting didn't do much for me), I settled on trying to use (trace 
(binhex-decode-stream :step)). This form seemed to work on simple functions. I
placed it inside the binhex.lisp file and made sure the weird 
*save-definitions* variables were set to true and such. So, when it came time 
to call the binhex-decode-stream function, the stepper window came up and just
locked solid. There is no way to get out of the window except for hitting 
cmd-period. Then, I am unable to step through anything and unable to debug the

Am I missing something here? I'm a MacApp user and would like to use MCL and 
have some of the same debugging features. What should I do?