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Re: MCL as a terminal program?

I have tested MCL 2.0 with a view to using it to receive a stream of data at
9600 and greater baud from a laboratory instrument, and would caution you a bit
over speed:  MCL can (on a IIci or faster, anyway) cope with these higher
serial speeds, provided that it is not doing too much with the received data.
Thus, file transfers at 9600 and faster should be fine, but what I was trying
to do (i.e. acquire, process, and display numeric data) proved a bit too much
to cope with such a continuous stream.
I have been trying to get the TCP/IP demo code to work (without much success to
date), and that is well worth looking at.  Provided that it can be hacked into
shape, and coupled with a relatively small amount of straight comms code, MCL
should make a very respectable unified terminal & comms system, IMHO.