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MCL <--> Sybase interface?

I'm looking to develop MCL software that directly queries, and updates, a
SYBASE SQL RDBMS running on a Sequent over TCP/IP.  I'd like it to work from
within MCL 1.3.2, if possible, but would accept ones that only work under 2.0. 
 Anyone know how to put the glue together, or of any demos, proofs of concept,
or commercial products that begin to address the problem.  DAL based solutions
are not acceptable (and there is no DAL for Sybase/sequent anyway).  I don't
particularly want an appoach that attempts to enforce an apriori map of
database rows to objects (be they CLOS, Flavors, or whathaveyou).  Rather, I'd
like the currency of exchange to be lists, with the logic and responsibility of
maintaining correspondance left to the application developer.  Perhaps an
approach that makes DB-LIB calls available through the FFI?  Ideas, directions,
caveats, flames, gotchas, consulting offers, all welcome.

 Malcolm E. Cook
 The CareSYS Company
 (203) 761-7304