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New reader ...

Please excuse the obvious FAQness of this post.  I gladly expect to
receive all response through email only.

I have recently become enchanted with LISP (through, of all things,
Emacs on ksh).  Soon, I will have a Mac of reasonable power (prob. a small
Quadra, or IIvx, or PB230), and wish to spend some time hacking
at home.

Where can I get a copy of MCL, how much can I expect to pay, and what
other books/resources should I acquire as a LISP novice to make MCL a
useful acquisition?

My intended use of MCL at the moment is the maintenance and manipulation of
large text files (this may or may not change, with exposure ...).

I am a junior-to-intermediate level programmer familiar with C, Pascal,
and HyperTalk.

Any information appreciated, and apologies for the greeness displayed
by my requests.

Viktor Haag					viktor@mks.com
Mortice Kern Systems				(519) 884-2251
35 King North, Waterloo, Ontario		ext. 41
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