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Re: Needed: 3D Graphics Library for MCL

|   Does anything like this exist?  There are a number of libraries
| floating around in C and Pascal on various archives, but they'd
| be hard to port without knowing a lot about low-level Mac programming.
| Any input would be appreciated.  If there isn't one maybe some of you
| folks would like to help me write one???

There are some 3D graphics related files on the cambridge archive,
so I guess you're not the only one interrested by having 3D in MCL...

I have developped a 3D module myself that works pretty well for basic
3D, i.e. it can draw lines and points in a 3D window with any specified
perspective. It also has some basic hierarchycal objects support. It
has minimal support for faces, lighting and hidden surfaces removal.

It is clearly not ready for public distribution but it could serve as
a starting point if everyone interrested by 3D in MCL united their
efforts to come up with one nice package. I would be happy to supervise
a united project if enough persons are willing to participate in it.


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