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trimming stand-alones

Sorry if this is a FAQ...

If I'm making a stand-alone MCL app where I know that neither eval nor the
compiler will be called, is it possible to trim the environment by, say,
removing functions and methods?

In particular, is there a way to tell what functions a function references?
Even if that function is a MCL built-in?  I'm hoping that, if finding this
information could be automatable (even if it means poking around and trying
to interpret machine code), I could generate a call tree for my entire
program, and then figure out which functions might be unbound to make for a
smaller system.

Anyone try doing this before?  Anyone have any hints as to things to try or
things to watch out for?

Perhaps independently, can the compiler be taken out in one fell swoop?


-- Randy

PS.  If I end having to do this myself, I'm happy to share the code with
the net.