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MCL 2.0 Patch 1

The first patch to Macintosh Common Lisp 2.0 is now available. There
are two ways to get it: by sending mail to our archive server, or by
anonymous FTP. Instructions for decoding the patch (it's in BinHex
format) and installing it are in the documentation file accompanying
the patch.

This is version 1.1 of patch 1 (you can check the version number in 
the patch file's "Get Info" box). If you have an old (v 1.0) copy of
this patch, please discard it and install the new one.

This patch contains minor bug fixes we've accumulated over the
several months since MCL 2.0 was frozen for release. Here is a 
description of the most serious bug fixed by the patch:

    EQUAL & EQUALP hash tables sometimes neglect to notice that they 
    need to be rehashed. This can result in the insertion of a 
    duplicate key which causes the next rehash to enter an infinite loop. 

This patch is around 95K long, but will increase the size of your 
MCL image by much less than that, since many of the functions 
redefined in the patch are swappable.

To Download from the archive server:

The archive server is available to anyone who can send mail to an
Internet address, including those of you who use a service (like
Compuserve or AppleLink) that has a gateway to the Internet. If you
have not already done so, you should get the Help file on this
service by sending this message (this should be the body of the 
message, not the Subject line):


to this address:


Please see the MCL 2.0 Release Notes for more information on 
this service. Here are the contents of a message that just
downloaded the patch and documentation files to my Internet mailbox:

    path mark@cambridge.apple.com
    size 300000
    send mcl2/patches/mcl2.0p1-notes.txt
    send mcl2/patches/mcl2.0p1.fasl.hqx
Please remember to replace my address (in the "path" command) with 

If your mail system cannot receive long messages, be sure to
update the "size" line in the above message (see the archive server
help document for more on this command).

To download by anonymous ftp:

You can anonymously ftp the patch and its documentation from 
cambridge.apple.com. Logon to this host as anonymous, then 
type your user name for a password. Here are the files you want:


Thanks for using our Lisp. Please let us know if you have any problems
downloading or installing the patch.

Mark Preece
Apple ATG East
AppleLink: PREECE