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Maclisp 2.0

I am a professor at the University of Manitoba. We have a site license for
Macintosh Lisp 2.0 but when we received the software in early spring it was
still the beta version. Is the full release of 2.0 available and if so how
do we go about receiving it. Also, I am involved in a project in which we
are developing a knowledge base system in Lisp that we want to call from
another application (Minicad+). Is it possible to set up a lisp application in
this manner and have it act as a server. If so, can you give me some info
as to how this is done (i know that foreign functions can be called from Lisp)
but I want the Minicad program to be in control and have it call lisp to
perform some analysis. Communication between the to could be via file reads
and writes but I need to know how to call Lisp to invoke a command (function).
Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated!!