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New version of MCL contribution: RMs-Contribs-1.0

I copied a file called RMs-Contribs-1.0.sea.hqx to 

This contribution updates the version found on the
MCL 2.0 CD and in the file cambridge.apple.com:/pub/mcl2/contrib/rm.sea.

The contribution contains a layout mechanism for views. An example 
is given by implementing a CLOS class browser (this version differs 
considerably from the previous one). The browser may be useful without
considering the layout mechanism ;-) The original contribution contains
some documentation and some other systems not included here.

The browser consists of three tables in the upper part of the window. In the
lower part a graph will be shown. The table to the left and
in the middle contain classes. When a class in the left (middle) 
table is selected, the middle (left) table shows the 
corresponding subclasses (superclasses). Tables may be shifted. 
The rightmost table shows all definitions from the file a selected
class is defined in. These definitions are collected using a who-calls
mechanism (Cartiers-Contribs-1.1). Use the balloon help for more detailed
information. The tables are separated from each other and from the graph view
by (quite simple) pane splitters that can be moved with the mouse.
After a successful installation the "Tools" menu should have a new
submenu called "Class Browser".

Several colleagues from the University of Hamburg
have contributed to the whole system in discussions and by testing the code.
Many thanks to Volker Haarslev, Gerd Kamp and Rainer Joswig. 
The original version of the graph layout algorithm
has been implemented by Michael Hussmann.
I included (and extended) the file View-Extensions.lisp from the MCL 
contribution directory.

Last but not least special thanks to Guillaume Cartier who implemented 
the who-calls system (and some other nice utils) that saved me a lot of time.

I tested the system with MCL 2.0p1. See the file ReadMe.

If you have a question, do not hesitate to send me a mail. If everything
works fine, have fun.



Ralf Moeller
University of Hamburg
Bodenstedtstr. 16
2000 Hamburg 50

Phone: ++40 4123 6134
Fax ++40 4123 6530
Email: moeller@informatik.uni-hamburg.de