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Double floats

   Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1992 16:32:30 -0600
   From: millett@sbctri.sbc.com
   X-Sender: brain@calvin.sbc.com

   I am tring to take a double-float number, break it down into 2 long
   integers (high-word and low-word) to send over the network conforming to
   the IEEE floating point standard.  I also want to read 2 words from the
   stream and make a double-float from them.  Any Ideas?  Symbolics has two
   functions that do what I want: "si:dfloat-components: (double)" &
   "si:%make-double: (high low)"  Any way to do this with the mac?


In the foreign function interface there are two functions which you can use to
get a handle on doubles: %put-double and %get-double.