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Controlling non-modal dialo

>Date: 9 Nov 92 12:23:00 U
>From: "Andre Koehorst" <andre_koehorst@riks.nl>
>Subject: Controlling non-modal dialo
>To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
>REGARDING                Controlling non-modal dialogs
>For a project we are working on we need to control other appliactions from
>within MCL. One thing we haven't been able to solve is handling NON-modal
>dialogs. One solution that would work for us is some function that could be
>called with a character, corresponding to the first char of the name of a
>dialog-item, eg calling (PRESS-ITEM #/C) to press a button named "Cancel".
>(Note that this function should find the handler to the dialog itself) Has
>anyone done any work to solve this. Anything would be of great help.
>Andre Koehorst
>Research Institute for Knowledge Systems
>Maastricht (the best known totally insignificant town of the world)
>The Netherlands
>email: andre@riks.nl

There might be a way to do this cleanly from MCL, but one trick that
comes to mind is to use the popular utility QuicKeys, from CE Software.

You can have MCL send an AppleEvent to QuicKeys, and then QuicKeys can
execute any mouse or keyboard event in the slaved application.