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start an "info-mcl-faq"

I was wondering if we should start an info-mcl based faq.
After working with MCL for a few months, I've noticed a lot of
beginner issues that are not documented in the manuals, but might
really be useful in an "faq" format.

Many important packages are not really documented well in the
manuals, including resources, scroller's and others.

On other points, although the details are there, there isn't any
real "overview" of how it all fits together.

A number of practicle issues also seem to pop up repeatedly
such as:

Should you use a "dialog" class?
When do you need the pTable INIT (virtual memory, 040 processor, etc)?
How do you hide the Listener?
How do you get the selection from a sequence-dialog-item?
Some simple exaples of using pointer, handles, records, and other non-lisp
  data structures within MCL.
What's in the \pub\mcl2\contrib library and what does it do?
What utilites and contributed files are most useful?

  What do you think?  Do you have other questions that we might
  put together?


Jeffrey Kane, MD
Kane Biomedical Systems
Boston, MA

Internet           jbk@world.std.com
Compuserve  74206,640
AppleLink     D0738